Workspace weaving Daisy van Groningen

Welcome to my studio!

This is my happy place where most ideas for my handwoven textiles & products arise: often playing with spools of yarn and trying different combinations of colours. Just a simple sketch of how I want to use the colours and while I’m warping I decide which binding I want to apply.

In the beginning, I wanted to weave as precisely and neatly as possible. My perfectionism often gets in the way. The work becomes perfect but misses beautiful and exciting coincidences when you weave from your heart or soul.

My recent work show different handwriting or signature in the use of colour, size of the textiles and my love for herringbone & broken twill combined with clasped weft weaving. As a designer in fashion and textile I love to play with colour and patterns.

The warp is the foundation, the weft and how I feel when I’m weaving determined the final design. An intensive process, but it is very satisfying to let go of perfection and embrace the beauty of handwoven imperfection!

Sneak peek of my handwoven textiles

The Hallway wall hanging
Blending roots framed wall art
Handwoven throw blending roots

Sneak peek of my handwoven products

The next sewing project handwoven zipperbags
Handwoven zipperbag in twill 07ZB
Handwoven zipperbag point twill x plain weave 05ZB

Stories about my life in weaving