Beyond fashion

I was about 10 years old when my mum taught me how to sew. We shared her sewing machine until I left to study Fashion Design in Maastricht. That was the moment that I got my own sewing machine.

After my graduation in 1998, I began working as a designer in the fashion industry for Dutch brands and retailers, mainly designing collections for babies, toddlers and pregnant women. In 2014 I decided to leave fast fashion. Totally fed up with overwhelming the market with too many collections each year. I stepped into a new world of slow fashion, re-designing new products with surplus clothes and textiles. At the same time, I re-discovered my sewing machine that I had barely used after graduation for making my clothes again.

Weaving has always been woven into my life: as a designer and during my travels abroad. When I look back at my photos, looms and weaving mills are part of my memories. During my stay in Bali in 2016, when I was admiring a double ikat cloth in the village of Tenganan I decided: I want to weave.

Back home I found an introduction course in Weaving at Openluchtmuseum in Arnhem organised by Crafts Council NL and Weefnetwerk. The intensive included three whole days of weaving on different looms, alternating with lessons on the theoretical side of weaving. It was the beginning of a new passion. A month later I bought a table loom, the Jane by Louët, with 70 cm weaving width and eight harnesses. We did some amazing colourful projects together, but in the end… size does matter.

In 2018 I took a 15-week course at the Ambachtelijke Weverij in Amsterdam to experience how it feels like to weave on a countermarche loom. During the first day of class, I fell in love with this Öxabäck, a large Swedish loom. About 8 weeks later my very own Öxabäck was laying in pieces on the floor of my studio at home: 115 cm weaving width and 8-shaft vertical countermarche, 8 treadles.

Artist residency

2023 Studio residency at Umajati Retreat by Threads of Life in Petulu, near Ubud, Bali. 1st week dyeing yarns for the backstrap loom with natural indigo and ikat. 2nd week working with batik technique and natural indigo.

Courses & masterclasses

2024 Weaving week with Margot Selby, 5 days | Whitstable, UK

2024 Cursus bindingsleer bij Eva Klee 2 days | Amsterdam

2024 Masterclass ‘Wol in de hoofdrol’ with Eva Klee, 3 days | Amsterdam

2023 Backstrap weaving class with Komang Darmini | Ubud, Bali

2023 Masterclass Amuzgo Backstrap Weaving with Gabina Valentín López & Inês Queirós Wereldmuseum, 3 days | Rotterdam

2021 Masterclass ‘linnen weven’ with Eva Klee and Crafts Council NL, 3 days | Amsterdam

2019 Masterclass double weave with Hermine van Dijck at Textielmuseum | Tilburg

2018 Weaving course at De Ambachtelijke Weverij, 3 months | Amsterdam

2017 Masterclass ‘The Living Blue’ natural indigo dyeing with Aboubakar Fofana and Threads of Life, 2 weeks| Ubud, Bali

2016 Masterclass WEVEN! with Weefnetwerk and Crafts Council NL at Openluchtmuseum, 3 days | Arnhem


2023 BinnenBunnik group exhibition with 19 local artists from Bunnik (NL). Landscapes II and Blending Roots, siblings were on view 23rd of September 2023.

2022 IJ Kunst Collectief IJKC #6 a group exhibition at Beautiful Distress & Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam (NL). Landscapes II were on view 20 & 21st of August 2022.

2022 zeven x weven a group exhibition at de Katoendrukkerij, de Volmolen, Amersfoort (NL) ran from April 13 to July 10, 2022.


2023 KADERS in KLEUR at Weefkring ‘t Web | Bennekom (NL)

2022 ZEVEN x WEVEN at de Katoendrukkerij, de Volmolen, Amersfoort (NL) part of the group exhibition that I curated.