Best nine 2020

Beste nine 2020

Best nine 2020 Every year when December comes to an end, you can select your best nine Instagram photos via an app that creates a moodboard of your year. A great way to look back to what you have been doing the past year. There is, of course, a lot to say about this particular year 2020. We planned to go back to Japan in May/June for two weeks to travel between Kyoto and the west coast. I was selected to participate in a two week Kasuri workshop at Capellagården in Sweden. Attending a couple of other masterclasses in weaving in the Netherlands. Meeting friends and makers, gaining and sharing inspiration. Visiting concerts in Belgium and see our favourite bands playing live. Besides biking to work also going for long bike rides with my Klever X Speedbike. Working with colleagues in the office, attending events and meetings about sustainability and circular textiles. However, none of that happened because a pandemic came in between which is still not under control or contained.

Home sweet home

Home sweet home, life became smaller and mostly working behind a computer screen meeting people via teams, zoom, google meet or facetime. An empty calendar in the evenings and weekends gave so much more time and energy for weaving. In January I started with two small scarves and ended December with three large and bold wall hangings.⁣ The progress that I have made since July is unexpected. I wanted to work with a more conceptual approach for my wall hangings. Just a selection of five colours for warp and weft, using a broken twill pattern combined with the clasped weft technique which uses 2,3 or 4 interlocking weft colours. I used two interlocking weft colours for my handwoven piece no. 24 and no. 25.

Holiday break

Another milestone was building my website from scratch, it was fun and time-consuming. Still, thinking about how to shape my blog and what to do with a newsletter?! Great topics for my moodboard plans & goals for 2021. The next few weeks I’m taking a break: I’m going to enjoy my time off with sewing projects, doing some basic knitting, making a new warp, reading (Pachinko by Min Jin Lee right now), daydreaming and re-charging my battery with inspiration for a new year.

I wish you Happy Holidays and we’ll meet again in 2021!⁣

Love, Daisy

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