Handwoven wall hangings

Handwoven wall art

Six months ago it was mid-December when this handwoven piece came off the loom. It was such a joy to work on this special project, my very first wall hangings in commission. In October 2020 I visited the location in the southern part of the Netherlands to show my colour proposals along with a previous handwoven wall hanging for reference. The main goal was to add extra sunlight in the living room using a colour palette of natural white, yellow, marigold orange, brass and anthracite.

Soft spot for herringbone twill variations

I have a soft spot for herringbone twill variations. For these two wall hangings, I chose a broken twill combined with clasped weft weaving which uses 2,3 or 4 interlocking weft colours. The five colours for both warp and weft are limited and playing with colour is key to keep the design interesting. The yarn is 100% organic cottoline by Venne Colcoton, a mix of cotton and linen.

Personal delivery to their new home

No.25 Handwoven wall hanging broken twill

A few weeks ago I was finally able to make personal delivery of these two wall hangings to their new home in the southern part of the Netherlands. It’s very satisfying to see my work for the first time finished on a wall or two.

Each piece 95 x 190 cm excluding fringes.

Curios to other work that I make or want to see more of my life in weaving, please check my instagram account.

Love, Daisy

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