Learning curve

Website and portfolio for my handwoven textiles

Last month I started something new. I actually learn something new every day, but this ‘job’ is a combination of things that I like to do most: photography, design, write and make beautiful products that come together in a website.

In 2014 I attempted to create a website in WordPress for my small label D-SY|73 with re-designs of reused denim tote bags with sashiko. That never came alive. I remember that building a website in WordPress was tough for me back then. Perhaps because I had no real plan or a specific goal in mind?!

Weaving is my goal and this new label Daisy van Groningen handwoven textiles is originated from that. My first introduction to this ancient craft was in late 2016 when I participated in a 3-day weaving course by Crafts Council NL and Weefnetwerk. My teachers Anneke Kersten and Marleen Jongen-Dijk made me very enthusiastic about weaving. Partly because of what they showed me of their own work and what you can do with weaving.

In 2018 I did a 15-week course at the Ambachtelijke Weverij (weaving school) of Sytze Roos in Amsterdam. I wanted to experience how it feels like to weave on a floor loom. During the first day of class, I fell in love with this Öxabäck, a large Swedish loom. About 8 weeks later my very own Öxabäck was laying in pieces on the floor of my studio at home. This course gave me a clearer direction for my dreams & goals: 8-shaft weaving.

In those 4 years, my collection handwoven textiles and samples have grown steadily. It shows an overview of my learning curve in weaving and the development of my signature. This is the moment to create a portfolio or website to show my work next to my Instagram account. After short research into Webhosting and which website builder would fit my ideas, I decided to give WordPress another try. Extra motivated to immerse me in WordPress with a little (read HUGE) help from YouTube.

Almost every evening and most weekends I’m spending time learning and understanding how I can master this. In the meanwhile going through the extensive photo archives that I’ve built over the years and sometimes still missing that one photo you’re looking for, but don’t have. Organising my own photoshoots at home to complete my portfolio.

Also designing a new logo, no fancy brand name or complicated logo: clean & simple. My handwoven textiles are bold & colourful by themselves no need for a complicated logo.

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