Masterclass linen weaving

Masterclass linen weaving

Masterclass linen weaving with Eva Klee: ‘During this three-day masterclass, under the expert guidance of Eva Klee, you will learn everything about linen weaving.’ That was the announcement that I saw a year ago on the site of Crafts Council NL. The original plan was to participate in October 2020, but due to covid-19, postponed to the end of August 2021. It was worth the wait! 

Meet the master 

My 1st visit to Eva Klee’s weaving studio in Amsterdam was in October 2017. I was a newbie in weaving and curious about other weavers and their workspaces. Impressed by her passion for linen and the studio at NDSM wharf in Amsterdam, located in an awesome pink block inside an old shipbuilding company. It’s a creative hub with many other studio’s, exhibition spaces and tons of graffiti art!

‘Eva Klee took over the Swedish loom from her mother at the age of eleven. Weaving placemats, table runners, rugs and cheerful fabrics and transformed her nursery into a textile Valhalla. During the school holidays, she helped with weaving courses at Webstudio Susanne Hepfinger in Frasdorf, south of Munich, in southern Germany, where she later also completed her training as a handweaver. She completed this training in 1989. At the graduation ceremony, Eva was awarded a gold medal. Due to her studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, weaving fell into the background for a while, but in 2016 she realized a long-cherished wish: to set up her own handweaving mill.’ (introduction by Crafts Council NL)

‘Become one with your loom’ 

The first thing that Eva explained to us on the 1st day of the masterclass. My bench is tied to the loom with a cord so you won’t drift away while weaving. It felt strange to become one with your loom at the beginning, but after a while, I got used to it. The first two days I wove with Dutch linen, flax locally grown and produced in The Netherlands. The flax is harvested in 2019 as part of The Linen Project together with Crafs Council NL. I enjoyed weaving with this fine linen which was really out of my comfort zone. 

Linen from Lithuania 

On the last day, I changed looms and wove with linen from Lithuania. The warp was set with a red and white stripe pattern on the sides. Playing with this stripe pattern and turned it into a classic tea towel with a twist. Learned so much these past three days, not only about weaving linen but also techniques and how to become one with your loom. Grateful for Eva Klee, a great teacher who loves sharing her knowledge, passion and her vision on weaving and yarns! 

Exhibition Blending roots

Upcoming events for September is the Weefnetwerk exhibition from 17 – 26th of September at ‘De Steenfabriek’ in Gilze (The Netherlands). My latest work ‘Blending roots’ will be shown during this exhibition. Blending roots is a weaving project that consists of several handwoven wall panels and hangings with colours inspired by the classic batik sarongs of Java, Jogjakarta/Solo area. This stems from the search for my Indo-European background. My mother and her family come from the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia).

Love, Daisy

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