Next sewing project: handwoven zipperbags

Next sewing project: handwoven zipperbags

Next sewing project: handwoven zipperbags. After 4 years of weaving, I gathered a pile of handwoven sample fabrics which was laying around in my studio waiting to be used for a sewing project. Not all of my handwoven textiles are finished products when they come off the loom. Most of the time I warp a large warp so I can experiment while weaving the last part.

Handwoven zipperbags made with leftover fabric

I like to sew clothes and accessories like bags. It’s always a lot of fun, especially when the size of fabrics is limited. I prefer to create with leftover fabric and cutting waste for sewing projects like this one. In my previous job at i-did where I worked as a sustainable designer, I created a lot of re-designs with surplus textiles. So why not create a limited collection of handwoven zipperbags and pouches? In June I made the 1st sample of a small zipperbag and I kept on sewing the rest of the summer.

Next sewing project: 13 handwoven zipperbags

I got carried away during the summer and ended up with this limited collection of 13 zipperbags. I enjoy the design process and combining sample fabric, lining & zippers together and of course to sew the actual bags. The zipperbag is made of handwoven sample fabric with lining from leftover cutting waste from previous sewing projects. Each zipperbag is unique because it’s handwoven, imperfections arise during weaving and are eventually part of the process and design. I try to avoid cutting waste as much as possible, the sizes of the bags are determined by the width of the handwoven fabrics.

Perfect presents for the upcoming festive holidays

The zipperbags come in different sizes, they always fit in your daily bag if your bag is large enough of course. Besides that they are small and functional, they are perfect presents for the upcoming festive holidays.

Curious to all 13 handwoven zipperbags?

Are you curious to all 13 handwoven zipperbags? You can find them here and if you fancy one, please send me a message so I can inform you about availability and shipping.

I hope you like them as much as I do, handmade with love!


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