Blending roots, framed wall art

‘Blending roots’ (gemengde wortels in Dutch) is a personal weaving project that consists of several fabrics with colours inspired by the classic batik sarongs of Java, Jogjakarta/ Solo area. This stems from the search for my Indo-European background. My mother and her family come from the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia) and through family tree research I learn more and more about the origins and history of my family.

Since the nineties, I regularly travel to Indonesia where I feel at home and where my love for weaving originated. I would like to interweave all these ingredients: colour – textile – Indo roots – heritage – travelling in my work.

These two panels or wall art are part of ‘Blending roots’. Playing with a broken twill variation pattern and using clasped weft weaving with just four colours: indigo, faded denim blue, havanna brown and camel.

  • yarn: 100% organic cottoline
  • warp colours: indigo – faded denim blue – havanna brown – camel
  • weft colours: indigo – faded denim blue – havanna brown – camel
  • size: length 120 cm x width 60 cm

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