No.23 Wall hanging in broken twill and clasped weft weaving
handwoven imperfections

My previous work is all about shawls and throws. Most of them woven on my 1st loom, the Jane a 8 shaft table loom by Louët, every handwoven piece from that loom feels soft and smooth. That’s different with my Öxabäck floor loom, this wall hanging is more sturdy and robust also because of the clasped weft technique which uses 2,3 or 4 interlocking weft colours. I used two interlocking weft colours for this piece.

This wall hanging was supposed to be for cushion covers. I was surprised about the blending of colours into new shades, the structures you can make with broken twill combined with clasped weft and playing with colour blocking along the way. It’s bold and colourful, an inspiration for my next weaving project no.24.

  • yarn: 100% linen and 100% organic cottoline
  • warp colours: natural white | charcoal | mint green | baby blue | red
  • weft colours: marigold orange | yellow | brass | pink | red | blue | green +++
  • size: lenght 500 cm x width 80 cm
  • weight: 1640 gram

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