Wall panels a memento of Japan
handwoven imperfections

With love from saorinomori Tokyo in Japan where I purchased a small selection of saori yarns back in July 2018. My husband and I travelled in Japan and participated in a saori weaving workshop in Nagano, the reason why we took these yarns back home as a souvenir. We had a lovely teacher and she learned how to use clasped weft weaving on a saori loom. Two years later I began using clasped weft weaving for my handwoven wallhangings which is now part of my signature.

The handwoven saori fabric is used for 6 wall panels with different sizes 100×50, 50×50 and 20×40 cm. Five out of six panels are framed with walnut wood and placed by the dining table, the heart of our livingroom where we spend a lot of time.

  • yarn: 100% cotton and 100% linen
  • warp colours: black and natural white
  • weft colours: natural white tones, blue tones, green tones, silvergrey and marigold orange.
  • size: original length 360 cm x width 55 cm
  • weight: 675 gram

Sa = has the meaning of Zen in Japanese. Ori = Weaving.

Saori is a free form of weaving with a lot of room for the individual expression of the weaver. Source: Textielfabrique

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