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Landscapes II framed wall art

Landscapes II, framed wall art

Landscapes IIhandwoven imperfections Landscapes II will be part of a groupexhibition IJ Kunst Collectief #6 at Beautiful Distress and Nieuw Dakota where 40 artists will show their artwork on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of August in Amsterdam. Related projects

Blending roots handwoven frames Wall Art

Blending roots, framed wall art

Blending roots, handwoven framed wall art handwoven imperfections ‘Blending roots’ (gemengde wortels in Dutch) is a personal weaving project that consists of several artworks with colours inspired by the classic batik sarongs of Jogjakarta/Solo area at Java. This stems from the search for my Indo-European background. My mother and her family come from the Dutch …

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