Tiptoe into linen stories through art

Recently my friend and fellow weaver Marieke van Mieghem, asked me if I wanted to receive a swatch of linen for creating a small piece of art. She again was invited by someone from The Linen Project. I invited yet another friend Pauline Greuell, a fabric printer and pattern designer to join. Eventually, 504 pieces of linen from Enschede Textielstad will be processed into small works of art and together will form an installation ‘the building as a body’ at Bradwolff Projects in Amsterdam from 26 – 29 November 2020.

Stories through art

Nannet van der Kleijn is the creator and founder of this project ‘Stories through art’ and it will undoubtedly be a work of art about the ‘reflection of time‘.

In the coming few weeks I will spend less time behind the computer and do more with my hands, yarn and fabrics!

Tiptoe into linen Stories through art

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