Weaving workshops in times of a pandemic

Weaving workshops in times of a pandemic. It’s October already and the last quarter of 2020 has begun. As is the second wave of COVID-19 that continues to grip how we live and move. This year I made plans for participating in two weaving workshops. The first one a Kasuri weaving workshop at Cappelagården in Sweden. The second one closer to home a linen weaving workshop in Amsterdam. Both plans changed along the way.

Kasuri weaving workshop in Sweden

At the beginning of this year, I applied for a two week Kasuri (ikat) weaving workshop in July with Lisa Juntunen Roos & Shogo Hiratavan at Cappelagården in Sweden. I received the news in April that I was accepted to participate. Very happy about the opportunity. But also in serious doubt about going to Sweden because The Netherlands was in lockdown and I had no clue how long this would last. I decided not to go and give my place better to a participant who could join. In the end, a smart choice because travelling via Denmark to Sweden was not possible because both countries closed the borders to the Dutch. It would have been great to meet Lisa and Shogo again and learn more about Kasuri weaving. I’ve met them in Osaka, Japan in 2018 during an exhibition of Intertradition

Linen weaving workshop in Amsterdam

The first wave made us stay home for 4 months. The ‘intelligent’ lockdown as our prime minister calls it. This second wave which started in The Netherlands end of September is a bit different. Again we work from home and reduce our social life, but we’re not in lockdown. Another question mark rising: I’m joining a linen weaving course for 3 days in Amsterdam, do I feel comfortable about that? No, not really. So happy that I have the option to postpone this weaving course at Handweverij Klee to next spring/summer. I hope that corona is under control by then!

Bold Full Focus Planner: getting things done

It’s really too bad that some plans for 2020 are not happening. On the other hand, enough things are happening which were not planned. Since a few months, I’m using the Bold Full Focus Planner by Megan Hyatt Miller for achieving most of the goals I have for my daily life in weaving. I’m pretty well organised, but somehow my focus wasn’t on the right goals. Lost a lot of time thinking about it instead of doing it. This planner is a real change for me, I get more stuff done, time to reflect, write and plan. And every quarter a brand new planner to work on my goals. This quarter is for building a page with my handwoven textiles & products made of sample fabric and cutting waste from previous sewing projects.

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