With love from saorinomori Tokyo

With love from saorinomori Tokyo

With love from saorinomori Tokyo in Japan where I purchased a small selection of Saori yarns from this weaving studio back in July 2018. My husband and I travelled to Japan for three weeks and participated in a Saori weaving workshop in Nagano. It was such a great experience to weave with my husband (his very first time!) and share my passion for weaving with him in this small and cosy studio. We had a lovely teacher and she learned how to use clasped weft weaving on a Saori loom. Two years later I began using clasped weft weaving in my handwoven wallhangings.

Tokyo our final destination

After our stay in Nagano, we travelled to Tokyo our final destination in Japan. Both hooked to Saori weaving and already making plans for bringing some Saori looms back home to start a studio. Of course, that was a bit too enthusiastic with only 4 days left before we went back home. We found the studio saorinomori Tokyo where we both selected yarns to take home for a future weaving project. Not an easy task to select yarns, you can compare it with a candy store with too many choices in yarn qualities and colours (plus lack of suitcase space due to 25 meters of nani IRO fabrics).

The Saori loom never made it home

The yarns in different shades of green, blue, natural white, marigold orange and black are off the shelf and on my loom. The Saori loom never made it home (or at least not yet) but my Öxabäck floor loom is doing a great job as well. I started the new year 2021 with this black and white warp, a colour combination that I hardly ever use. Somehow I always avoid black, too hard, but it creates an exciting kind of contrast. Playing with light/dark, positive/negative, yin/yang, day/night and adding colour with the weft threads.

Embracing winter

I’m taking it slow with this piece, embracing winter where life is slowing down. Time to rest and restore energy for spring so we can blossom again. Re-plan last years deferred plans and adding new plans for this year. I’m looking forward to a more ‘normal’ life after Covid-19 if that is possible?!

Love, Daisy

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